Hello, I’m a Cape Town-based event photographer!

I offer creative, documentary-style event photography for special occasions, such as kids’ birthday parties, functions, corporate anniversaries, festivals, matric farewells, anything music and dance related – or whatever the occasion may be.


The Event Photographer

As an event photographer, I try to tell a meaningful visual story through engaging with the occasion’s evolving moods and colours. Capturing people, especially in candid situations, when the light falls just right and the expression is unique, is one of my favourite things to do. I’m comfortable getting in-action shots in tricky lighting situations or capturing split-second emotions on the faces of socialising crowds. I’ll use my flash when needed, but I normally try to use natural light as much as possible. And, I’ll make sure all the details are captured – from close-ups of the decor to wide-angle shots of the venue and crowd. This way you’ll have a concise collection of varying photos; enough to tell your event’s story, and options to share on different platforms.


Background & Style

My educational background is in journalism, but ever since I got my first camera, I realised there can be so much more to conveying meaning than ink on paper. After completing a part-time photography course, and spending endless hours practising and perfecting the craft of taking photos, I specialise in capturing people in a creative documentary style – but it never ends just there. For a photographer, stepping out of one’s comfort zone is a necessary move when it comes to reviewing and improving one’s skill. Hence, I’m always up for a challenge. I’ve also completed a videography course at the Cape Town School of Photography, and am currently working on mastering all the ins and outs of moving images.

Booking enquiries: wordsbychristinehogg@gmail.com

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